Astro Frontier v1.4

Astro Frontier has been updated with local high scores. Now when you complete the game and it’s your best score, it will be saved. Each ship has it’s own top score as each ship represents a different difficulty level.

Also with this update was the inclusion of a license check for the paid version and bug fixes for both versions.

Happy Holidays!

Astro Frontier v1.3

We’ve pushed out an update for both Astro Frontier and Astro Frontier Lite.  It was mostly a bug fix update but there are a few minor changes as well.

The first change is a speed up in the display of the “Day” text that is shown at the beginning of each round.

The second is a change for the paid version only.  The Repair Ship has had it’s cost reduced and it’s effectiveness slightly increased.  Give it a try!

You’ll also notice the change in the game icon.  The Pink Emblem of the Orca Ship is now gone in favor of a hopefully more appealing image.

Let us know of what you like or dislike about the game and we’ll try to improve it!

Astro Frontier: Coming October 16th!

On the far side of the galaxy, a new planet has been discovered! Lead an expedition through the depths of space to be the first to colonize the planet.  Manage resources and keep your crew happy, assembling your fleet as you build new ships such as the bubbly Manufacturing Ship or the combat-ready Stingers. Speed is key when trying for the high score, but beware of pirates looking to end your journey once and for all! Blast off to adventure in Astro Frontier! Coming soon to Google Play!